Thought Leader, Visionary, TV show host, Radio personality and International Speaker are just a few of the titles for Cami Baker! Having been in business literally since the age of eight, selling gum to other kids for a profit, Cami’s creative, innovative and market disrupting ways of strategizing make her the go to person for Fortune 500 Companies, visionary nonprofits and Main St USA businesses alike.



Cami is the Host of the “Alliance for Charitable Real Estate” on Unity Radio/Podcast Studio in the Boston area, and has been a guest on 200+ media outlets. If your audience are Thought Leaders, real estate professionals, generous property owners with multiple locations and/or visionary nonprofits …. They will be glued to your channel as they hear the best kept secret in real estate and nonprofit donations. You and Your followers can be a part of the movement and mission to have $1 Billion of real estate donated to nonprofits worldwide by 2025!




Cami was born in Key West and adopted at 9 months old. Cami always knew she was adopted and that she was born in Key West, but she didn’t meet her birth mother until she was 23. And didn’t see Key West until she was 48. In 2016, Cami rented a convertible mustang while on a book promotion tour in Miami. Being born on Key West you are known as a “Conch” as in conch shell! Cami’s entrepreneurship started at 8 years old! Cami is often asked, “How did you even think of selling gum to other kids at 8 years old?” Her reply is “ How could you not have done it!” She has always had a knack for seeing opportunity all around her, and now uses that talent to help clients do the same.



Cami lived through a category 4 hurricane. At 23, Cami owned a large brick and mortar beach bar on Panama City Beach. Directly across the street from the beach to be exact. In 1995, Hurricane Opal absolutely devastated the beach. Deciding she was captain and would go “Down with the ship!”. Cami stayed in her building known as the “Seahorse” against all warning and the mandatory evacuation. The next morning, to her shock and amazement, her building was the ONLY building for miles that was not demolished or damaged beyond livability. Cami believes to this day that the Universe spared that building because she was in it and has big things to accomplish.




Cami got her DREAM car at 34 years old….a 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible. She had a closing in real estate that provided a commission check of $17,500 and it came just in time to acquire “Scoop”. The name of her Mustang as she had a scoop in the hood to accommodate a huge manifold. Cami had this exact car on her vision board and looked at it for 2 years as she made prospecting calls in her real estate office. Vision Boards Work!




The largest stage Cami has spoken on was 30,000 people! After being in the top 5% of real estate agents for several years, Cami was recruited into network marketing and found she had quite a talent in that industry. Being able to build rapport with anyone, anywhere, anytime and personally recruiting 131 people into her team that would become 10,000 around the world….. Cami and her then husband were promoted to the 2nd highest level in that company and accepted their award in San Jose, CA in front of 30,000 people.





Cami doesn’t drink alcohol. When her daughter was 2 years old, Cami “stumbled” into her daycare for a mommy and me weekend. Picking little Hailey up in her arms, as Cami looked into the little girls big brown eyes, she was immediately made aware of the alcohol breath she was breathing in the 2 year olds face. It was this moment of clarity that Cami needed to realize something needed to change and that “something” was her.




Cami Loves personal development. Cami attributes her ability to be positive, smoothly step from one industry to another seamlessly and create a business out of thin air to her long standing love of personal development. At 32 when she got sober, she started reading again for the first time as an adult. Whether she is a student in the seats, or a mentor on stage, you will find Cami at workshops and seminars any month of the year.





Her “Happy Place” is not where you would expect. While most people would say they are happiest on a beach or driving through the countryside, Cami finds her peace and purpose when she is on stage. Well, when the people in the audience are the top 5%er’s who are as excited about learning, growing and becoming more as she is herself. Whether it is one on one, or one to 1,000… when the energy of engaging in the exchange of information is high, so is she!



She has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. And NO! Not the pansy tandem! The full on AFF… Accelerated Free Fall, pulling her own cord and landing herself. All the things that Cami and her drinking buddies would talk about doing “one day” started becoming a reality when the fog lifted and life got good. She has also been on a hot air balloon journey, bungee jumped and gotten licensed to deal black jack! Cami will do anything for adventure.





Cami’s favorite people, and perfect clients top 5%er’s. Being a coachable student, Cami had an assignment to do from a mentor. The assignment had to do with truly defining who her perfect avatar, customer or client is. In thinking through the question, and searching her memory of all her best friends, best clients and best contacts are… she realized that one thing they have in common is that they are in the top 5% of their industry, or have the desire to be there. No, not everyone does. Nor do they have the ability to humble down and become coachable. But the 5%er’s do. And THAT is who she is most comfortable with and can help the most as a mentor.