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Is your networking not working as great as you would like? In this book, you will see that I encourage you to stop networking, and instead create a NetWeb for net profit! Networking does not work; because, in general, it is random activity. People are often taught networking techniques, that simply don’t work. In the end, many suck at it; yet, they don’t mean to. It’s simply that, many are great at building relationships with friends and family; but, when it comes to business it seems icky, weird, awkward, and uncomfortable. People network without question, because they are told it’s what they should be doing. Those who despise it force themselves to do it, and oftentimes, those who actually enjoy it don’t fully understand, there is an art and science to building business relationships and mastering referrals.



This is where creating a NetWeb comes in.  NetWebbing is strategic, and a sophisticated way to set your intention through your mindset and actions, before an event. This then allows for you to pay attention to your actions, and the reactions of others during the event. Once you learn to  effectively  pay  attention,  you  will  create retention of the resources, relationships, and revenue that you truly desire. The three pillars of this philosophy are: Intention, Attention, and Retention. To get a true understanding of the NetWebbing concept, we will go through each of these many times during the book. Just know, if you are introverted, it’s okay—I am also introverted at my core.  Being extroverted is a learned skill. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!  You will see from my story, that anyone can become skilled at the art and science of building relationships and mastering referrals.



In this book, you will learn, in detail, about networking sharks, and how they show up to events looking for their next victim to prey on. Also, you will learn about the skunks who spray their business cards out to everyone, and then pray someone hires them. Then you will learn about the squirrels, who collect business cards and then stash them away just in case they need them someday. You will see that, you more than likely, have been networking as a shark, a squirrel, and a skunk; but, I will teach you the wise ways of the spider through netwebbing. As you grow to understand netwebbing, and utilize the strategies, you will find that netwebbing is, not only fun, but, is also strategic, producing you the results you truly desire.



With NetWebbing, you are creating a synergy and a web of resources, relationships, and revenue through the strategies of the three pillars intention, attention, and retention.  When a spider creates a web, she is strategic, she is smart, and she is sophisticated in her planning.  She knows where to position herself to attract what she wants. She knows where to start each strand of her web, how to intertwine each connecting part so they are strong, and she knows why she is doing it.  And when her masterfully created web is completed, she simply sits back, relaxes, and waits for what she wants to come to her.  She puts forth much effort to create her web; yet, because, it is well thought out, both in placement and structure, once created, she simply maintains its connectivity and reaps the rewards of her efforts.



No matter what your thoughts were of a spider before this analogy, I invite you to look at the elegant, sophisticated, strategic, beautiful, and masterful way she works her magic.  I encourage you to ask yourself: Have I been acting as a shark, skunk, squirrel, or spider? More than likely, you have been acting as at least one of the four, or a combination of the first three. If you have not started networking at all yet, then be excited for what you are about to learn that will get you started on the right track. The bottom-line is, you have the choice of who you want to be seen as, and how you want to be received and perceived in your marketplace.  If you have been acting as a shark, skunk, or squirrel, don’t worry—I have personally have been a shark, a skunk, and a squirrel at one time in my life (and sometimes all three at once).



I am not proud of the relationships that I have ruined, never made at all, and the relationships that I never had the chance of taking to a higher level because of my sharkiness; but, I also don’t regret any of it. These experiences created my journey of growth, learning, and studying myself and others. As a result of my experiences at thousands of networking events: spraying and collecting cards, giving God forsaken thirty-second elevator pitches, and ultimately having the blessing of mentoring thousands of one-on-one clients and others  from  stages  worldwide, I have figured out what works and what doesn’t. I offer to you…NetWebbing…a strategic way to create a web of resources, relationships, and revenue, through intention, attention, and retention. This way, you fully understand the art and science of building business relationships and mastering referrals.


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Christopher Kai, America’s Billionaire Networker and Author of “Big Game Hunting”