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I will be bringing along a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help showcase your home's value by deep diving into the current market conditions and your home's competition (including homes currently for sale and recently sold). This will give us a good indication on the pricing strategy for your home. I'll tour your home to help identify those features that will give increased value to buyers and if there are any challenges, will help identify those as well. We'll both have a chance to decide if partnering together makes sense and if so, will start making plans for the details of putting your home on the market.


I knew I was making the right choice by bringing her in to the line up marketing event I put on recently. Cami totally exceeded my expectations! My audience loved her. Her message was timely, fun and on point. If you’re running meetings and events I would recommend you see what Came can do for you.

-Michael J Dolpies


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